Finding Heather, Finding Me

Once lost, now I am found – through life’s struggles, personal battles and extraordinary journeys

Life doesn’t have control over you, you have control over it…

January Blues

January blues…a term flung around so often, and unfortunately so flippantly. Growing up, I was ignorantly unaware of the significance and sheer weight of the term’s meaning and the inner struggle it truly represents. Over the past couple of years more notably, I have noticed January’s eerie presence. A sudden realization of pressure. Pressure of […]

Struggling to Breathe

An eerie sensation I can tell you. Staring into limitless horizons, surrounded by a bustling lively crowd. Yet still…struggling to breathe. Feeling your lungs begin to collapse, your muscles tense up, your body slip into overdrive. All these things happen to me on a daily, if not hourly basis. Anxiety is much more harmful and […]

The Holiday Season

Like many, Christmas with the winter festive cheer is my favourite time of year. The child in me is rekindled and set alight. I become un-containable and overcome with excitement and anticipation for the time of giving (and receiving of course)! Somehow no matter what I am going through or where I am in my […]

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

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