My Food for Thought Welcome

“Life is tough but so are you”

So often we view that life is taking us on a journey but I beg to differ. Lets rip up the rule book. This is my time, my life, my journey. I believe if you want anything you can make it happen. So lets all take control of life and make it our story, our time, our journey and take it on a ride of a lifetime. That is why I have named my blog Finding Heather, Finding Me – lost now found because life has a page, a chapter and a book for everyone of us but we are the ones who determine life’s fate and create the story line.

I put my own spin on life and give it a journey not let it drag me along drifting. Life is worth living. So lets all live. Lets write our own narrative and show the world what it truly means to be “your name”. I am ready to share what it truly means to be me and write my own Heather narrative and give insight into my Heather journey.

I hope you all embrace this and I’d like to say welcome to Finding Heather, Finding Me.

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