Who Am I?

A question which looks so simple but carries so much weight and sensitivity. A question which at first glance looks like a simple introduction but when it is a question that you are asking yourself, like I am right now, it stops you in your tracks and makes you think. In a sentence how would you describe yourself? Seriously, if you were forced to pick 3 words, what would they be?

Well, for me I got asked that exact question when I was 17/18 years old, as part of my school leavers year book. Back then I had no hesitation; like any of my friends would have described me, the choices were simple. To give you an insight and perhaps a ballpark to guess in, here is one of a hundreds of photos that friends and family would see and say “that’s Heather for you”!

A classic Heather pose

Embarrassing I know! But that really is who I am. Someone who isn’t afraid of looking silly, because I love to laugh and smile and I hope I can share a little bit of that with you. And yes I can hear you screaming at the screen…so what 3 words did I punt for!? Unpredictable, hazardous being. That is who I was and at heart who I still am. And you will quickly begin to realize I didn’t pluck those descriptions out of thin air. You could say that “being” is simply a filler but for me it meant so much more than I realized. I felt different, set aside and misunderstood (by others and what I’d later come to learn, by myself also).

But to this day I couldn’t be any more proud of my description back then. In a school and town where most viewed me as the quiet, astute girl; I dared to stand out and show my wackiness. Those who know me, know that is who I am – absolutely bonkers. So it may seem like a small insignificant, meaningless event to many but to me I stayed true to myself. I didn’t stick to the yearbook cliches or memorable one liners. Although, to me I was being amusing, in my own unique way, my description was a taste of who I have always been. And that is a weird, carefree, crazy girl who is more than somewhat clumsy – 12 broken bones to be exact! But we will get to that later as you will soon find out through this blog. I am anything but normal and that’s how I like it. If anyone says you’re not normal, take it as a compliment – it means you stand out and just stump them by asking what is normal?

This is me and I hope to show you why those words embody me, even now, 3 years later – 21 and blogging for the first time. I decided to blog so I could feel free, be unleashed and just be me.

Thanks for reading and stay bonkers!

Heather 🙂

My Food for Thought Welcome

“Life is tough but so are you”

So often we view that life is taking us on a journey but I beg to differ. Lets rip up the rule book. This is my time, my life, my journey. I believe if you want anything you can make it happen. So lets all take control of life and make it our story, our time, our journey and take it on a ride of a lifetime. That is why I have named my blog Finding Heather, Finding Me – lost now found because life has a page, a chapter and a book for everyone of us but we are the ones who determine life’s fate and create the story line.

I put my own spin on life and give it a journey not let it drag me along drifting. Life is worth living. So lets all live. Lets write our own narrative and show the world what it truly means to be “your name”. I am ready to share what it truly means to be me and write my own Heather narrative and give insight into my Heather journey.

I hope you all embrace this and I’d like to say welcome to Finding Heather, Finding Me.